Veil Of Maya - Eclipse

Having seen the name and heard the name countless times before Veil Of Maya have gone on to release their latest efforts "Eclipse" which believe or not offers a more better job than 2010's "[id]".

With that said quality is done quite well having done things that they have used before but upgraded it if you will having it sound ten times better than when it was first done. For instance "Winter Is Coming Soon" has a solid ground built in and really keeps the listener zoned into the melody and mad driven riffs used throughout. Whereas “Vicious Circles”, and “Punisher”, throw the listener off just a tad but having the music be a bit toned down having the guitars and drums be more mellower and developed having a stronger sense and flow to the music.

One thing noticed about this release is how quickly you begin it; it immediately ends having it be even shorter than the other releases that these guys have pushed out. "Eclipse" is a massive amount of energy and a strong skilled piece of work that keeps the music maintained and thorough.

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