Havok’s David Sanchez Time Is Up!

Denver, Colorado's thrash metallers Havok have seen the light and since forming in 2004 they have released a handful of material their most recent being "Time Is Up" and now have an all new EP "The Point Of No Return" coming up. So how do the two differ and what else has Havok have in store? Frontman vocalist and guitarist David Sanchez caught up with me to discuss these matters and just what else his band has been up to while being a part of the Forward Into Battle Tour.

1. Can you give me a brief summary of how the band got its start?

David: uh the brief summary would be I met a drummer in high school who knew how to play a lot of Metallica songs and I knew a lot of those songs as well so we just started jamming. Then we found a guitar player and bass player that filled out the line-up and began to write music. That’s basically how the band started was to jamming out Metallica songs.(Laughs)

2. You released your second album "Time Is Up" last year and now you have an EP coming up. How do the two differ?

David: ummm I would the biggest difference is the temp because on Time Is Up it’s fast all the way through and this one has sludgeier and heavier riffs, not so much over the top speed.

3. The EP is called "The Point of No Return" what can you tell me about it?

David: uhmm the title is basically us at our point of our career and it is the point of no return and it’s always been a sink or swim thing and always will be but we’re on the tipping point of going somewhere with this. (Laughs)

4. You got a video for the song "D.O.A." which was done really well how did you get all of the effects done?

David: I think they just got it all and brightened up the green and just sucked out all of the other colors so it just looks cool.

5. When it comes to writing a song where has been the weirdest place that you've written a song or come up with an idea for a song?

David: Most of the ideas come to me when I’m either taking a shower or taking a shit. That’s mostly where all my lyrical songs come is from showering or shitting.

6. Every band sells merch from t-shirts to hoodies. But how many band t-shirts or shirts are in your personal collection?

David: Oh my god! I have like boxes in storage in stuff I would have to say about 200-300 shirts packed away somewhere.

7. If your favorite band sold a t-shirt in pink would you buy it and wear it?

David: If they had a black version I would rather have that instead.

8. If you had the chance to have a headbanging contest with one of the members of your band who would you pick and who would be victorious?

David: A headbanging contest hmmm if I were to have a contest it would have to be with Reece he does all of the windmilling headbanging and I’m not good at that. So if we were going to go on style then he’d be the winner.

9. What is your favorite headbanging style to do and why?

David: What feels good it’s all about just feeling it out, you don’t think about it, it just happens.

10. Have you ever done an interview where you killed the interviewer afterwards?

David: Not yet.(Laughs)

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