Sister’s Cari is Dead Serious about Hate in NEW Interview

Its raw aggressive and killer instincts really make Sister the band you'd definitely want to check out! They have become part of the whole new wave of Sweden's glam metal scene that popped up not too long ago. Since then the band's drummer says that he even thought up the name Sister even before any other members even joined in. But once he figured out who'd be doing what and how everything would come together everything just fell into place and their debut EP "Deadboys Making Noise" proved everything they had hoped for even leading them to get signed to major record label Metal Blade. In which that lead them to write and record their full-length debut "Hated". Cari goes on to explain that the band has toured but hasn't set foot in U.S. soil but hopefully 2012 will get them there!

1. Why did you want to go and call the band Sister?

Cari: I came up with the name Sister even before we got all the members to the band. Being a huge Motley Crue and WASP fan, I read about their early band, called just the same. I remember that I've just watched that movie "The Ring" and for some reason that picture of the little black haired girl just came up in my head while reading about Sister. That picture and name together just got stuck in my head. Awesome band name! I thought. First I tried to mix the name with others, making it longer and with other words including Sister. But later on, for some reason it just became Sister.

2. You have several music videos out, "The Unlucky Minority" and "Bullshit & Backstabbing" being the most recent do you have any more videos in the works?

Cari: Yes we have. We're actually working on a live/tour video right now for the track "Spit On Me". It's gonna be a killer! I really want to do a video for the title track of the "HATED" album as well. Hmm I think we'll work something out!

3. When I heard your music your style immediately reminded me of Wednesday 13 meets the Murderdolls would you say that those are your influences or not even close?

Cari: No I wouldn't say. No main influences. I mean, I love Wednesday and all stuff he has been doing. The Frankenstein Drag Queens, his own Wednesday 13 band and The Murderdolls. Great stuff!
But I would never call Sister a Horror band not at all. Our influences comes from all the music we been growing up listening to like Kiss, Crue and Guns n' roses. Also, we listen to a lot of punk music and of course the heavier parts of metal. Our music became the way it is by putting different parts of rock, punk and metal in to one.

4. Tell me about your debut album HATED, why did you name it HATED? You don't hate it do you?

Cari: Haha, fuck no. We love it! We often get great reactions from people who hear our music but there are always two sides. People who love it and people who hate it normally there’d be nothing in between. When you're doing your own thing and no one believe in you or support you, you always get the people who Hate what you're doing and work against it. It's a strong album that basically tells you to keep on going strong with your thing even if you are Hated.

5. What was running through your mind the day you got signed to Metal Blade Records?

Cari: Fuck yeah! Finally! Metal Blade is a legendary label for heavy music, so it was really cool when they contacted us.

6. How would you compare your EP Deadboys Making Noise to HATED?

Cari: Not that big difference at all. We worked a bit more on the songwriting and the production on HATED but the raw and energetic style are the same on both.

7. You've toured in a handful of places but have you made it over to the U.S. of A yet?

Cari: That’s correct. USA is always in our plans and has been since we started this band, haha! But it's hard to afford and arrange a US tour. We are working on some stuff now for 2012. Let's hope we'll make it, I can't wait to get there!

8. Having been from Sweden what is the music scene like out there and are there any bands you would recommend checking out?

Cari: There are very much bands here in Sweden, both good and bad stuff of course but that's really cool. I guess everybody wants to make it in the US or get out in Europe. No one wants to stay in Sweden that long. We have some good shit like CrashDiet and Vietcong Pornsurfers who has been friends of ours since day one. Also bands like Hardcore Superstar, Vains Of Jenna, Crucified Barbara and Sister Sin.

9. Can you tell me about the writing style Sister has when it comes to writing lyrics and music.

Cari: Our former guitarist and I made the songs on DMN. I wrote lyrics and worked together with him on the music. When he left and Lestat joined it was the best thing ever. Lestat is a great songwriter. He has been writing most of the stuff on HATED. I also wrote some lyrics and we worked it together. Lastly we put all the stuff together, working with it, all four of us.

10. What does Sister have planned for 2012 and beyond?

Cari: World domination, tour our asses of and hopefully start working on our second album.

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