A Beautiful Nightmare - What Have We Done?

When discovering post hardcore metallers A Beautiful Nightmare I was interested in the style that they possessed. It was with that they went on to release their debut full-length “What Have We Done?” with a title such as this it was un-telling as to IF this recording would be worthy of a listen.

Thus the first track rolled and soon became the last for this album just rolls right along, going through such tracks as "Hurt You", "The Infiltrator", and "Never Forget Me", each of which consists a very old fashioned use of hardcore mixed in with the current post hardcore of today. Using influential tactics of numerous breakdowns, synth, and dropped tuning this altogether blended with the uniqueness that is clean vocals with screaming attics is purely entertaining.

These guys have got the skills and have what it takes to make it big. A Beautiful Nightmare is not just a nightmare that is beautiful but one that is daring to become a band you will learn to not forget.

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