English anthemic rockers MASSIVE WAGONS have dropped another surprise new track titled "Billy Balloon Head", from their upcoming album "Full Nelson", once again providing a damning social commentary wrapped in a catchy banger of a tune.

"I really have no idea if the term "balloon head" is one used anywhere else in the world but where I'm from," comments frontman Baz Mills. "Maybe it is, I don't know - but if you're a balloon head then as far as I'm concerned, you're the sort of person with nothing much in the way of being nice, being tolerant, being open-minded, or having much going on upstairs full stop. The song's a stab at racists and ignorant people. I've no time for it; be nice or fuck off. That, in a roundabout way, is what Billy Balloon Head is all about. If you're gonna be a twat, fuck off and be a twat somewhere else, on your own. Bottom of the sea preferably."

Check out the new song "Billy Balloon Head" now here: https://youtu.be/ZMhk1KAOh6o.

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