Few Miles South - On Down the Road

An unlikely duo has come together to release a track titled "On Down the Road", the first single of this self written, produced, and recorded project they call Few Miles South. The track comes from the EP release "Might Could".

Now immediately after the first couple of seconds starts, you get the idea of how this plans to play out. As it plays along, the music is country rock n' roll based, being purely out of the area that is South Georgia with some aspects of Los Angeles, California as well. Mixing two completely different areas together into this type of project Few Miles South, does make the namesake add up.

It would likely not have worked out if two different sides of the spectrum had came together, because that is how "On Down the Road", sounds like. A little bit of country and a bit of rock n' roll, makes this track more unstoppable, appealing, and even ever so catching it is hard to resist it's tone.

This version of mixing together the genres is not causing harm to them, but allows the two to flourish, vocalization being brought on by its uniqueness, with the melodies of the instrumentations being flawless yet entertainingly fun. That is how this tune gets around to being, an entertaining track with a lot of momentum on being so much fun!

Like how the vocals and instruments clash together just makes the music groove more frequently. Whereas if they did not perform such a tactic, the track would be plain and not as fluid with such energy force. Either way, the track just has a lot to go off of and it works well with what is offered here.

Few Miles South's accompanying EP "Might Could", is also well serviced with all its workings. Surely "On Down the Road", is a track of its kind, that will continue to entertain all.


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