Bullet for my Valentine - Gravity

Having been following and a fan of Bullet for my Valentine since high school days of the past. The band has come a long way, since their debut album that started it all, especially for me, with "The Poison" (2005). Follow that with fourth more full-length albums, "Scream Aim Fire " (2008), "Fever" (2010), "Temper Temper" (2013), "Venom" (2015), and their most latest recent album thus far "Gravity" (2018). So then, where has the band taken their directional approach to their metal genre tactics this time around. Well let's discuss the matters that come in the form of the first single taken from the album "Over It". This track, is fueled with energy, angst, and the classic formula that Bullet for my Valentine is always known to create, dating back to their first few releases of way back when.

Now for the rest of the material, such as "Letting You Go", "The Very Last Time", "Under Again", and "Coma", are probably a step back from the metalcore genre of their past, being more into the later releases. They got more melody, harmony, and downright tight neck riffs, that keeps the solo working's at a level of aggression, yet heaviness to its fullest of possibilities.

In short, it's a cross mixture of old and new Bullet for my Valentine material, except perhaps this work being more grounded. "The Very Last Time" and "Under Again",  are very reminisce to their previous tracks "Tears Don't Fall" part I and II, but without the heaviness, just keeping the material more mellow. Don't get dishearten, but their classy styling's with screaming antics is provided within such tracks as "Piece Of Me", "Letting You Go", "Don't Need You", and "Over It".

When it comes down to it, "Gravity", is a whole another direction for an act such as Bullet for my Valentine. It does sound like their originality of previous content, but it is more redefined, rounded, and takes a step into a direction, that could either make or break them. This release at least to me, makes their material a continued listen, from past or present.

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