Castle Black - the gods that adored you

One way to describe an act such as Castle Black, is easy, post punk with alternative rock. Think Joan Jett and Jet, that is whom you get with an act such as Castle Black. Their latest and fourth EP release to date titled "the gods that adored you", is an entertaining rock anthem of a release. For it features an array of tracks, take "Man On A Train", "River", and "Sierra". These alone, set up the entirety of this EP's offering. You get hit with this push of aggression with fierceness that is strictly rock music to its finest of possibilities. In other words, Castle Black just makes rock music, come alive again, upon this workload of material upon this EP "the gods that adored you". Surely without doubt this act, is one that will not be forgotten, but be more recognized, than ever before, when it comes down to this release sweeping across the rock scene. Castle Black have got spunk, with lots of attitude to follow suite of course, this EP along with the rest, will easily continue to push their way, ever so further along, that all will know their name by then. If not, given time it will likely happen.

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