Charlie Moss - This Girl

Pop singer/songwriter Charlie Moss has been steadily gaining speed with his music career, let alone said releases accompanying said path choice. His last single release 'The Winter Song" was a successor, just as the next upcoming single "This Girl" plans to be and likely will be as well. With that said, "This Girl", is a lot like the previous processor was, except this take of Charlie Moss's music is more modernized, upbeat, and frequently catchier. His vocal chords, sounding crisp, hip, and downright fun and exciting to. The music just gets bouncy, energy driven, and is a type of tune, you can find yourself humming along to, if not swaying right on to with its beat of tone. If Charlie Moss is not one to be familiar with, then his style may ring a bell, as it resembles to other acts of today, ranging from Ed Sheeran, James Bay, and The 1975 for instance. When it comes down to this particular style, Charlie Moss just becomes one of those up-and-comers whose work, gathers up in due time, gaining speed as noted beforehand, people around realizing and taking notice, to who and whom this person is, not just because of his music but as he is as a person. In due time, he will be bigger, with each and every one of his releases in no time at all.

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