Oracle Release Their New Video for "Drafted"

Melodic death metal act Oracle announce the release of their new music video for the song called "Drafted". "Drafted" is dedicated to those who gave it all to protect their country when they were called to do so.

Vocalist Jason Long had this to say about the video, "For many of our songs we turn inward to some of life’s more pure yet demanding emotions. This song and video was intended for very much of the same. However, this one is for the voiceless. The ones that have given everything including their lives for their country, even when they didn’t choose to do so. It shows the emotion of a soldier that just wants to go home. However, he or she has to protect their home as well. By showing some of war’s most beautiful and ugly sides we feel it can only be the emotions of every soldier even still today. Showing you the past and what could come in the future has to resonate a chord within all of us. "Drafted" isn’t only about what happened during earlier wars but, everyday we are forced to stand with or divide ourselves in life. You don’t have a choice. We are all chosen or "drafted" to make these decisions regardless of our wants to do so. Thanks for watching and we hope you like it."

"Drafted" is off Oracle's new album "Into The Unknown", which is out now on Rain Without End/Naturmacht Productions. "Drafted" is premiering on No Clean Singing and can be seen HERE.

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