Ignys - Vestigium

Symphonic metal act Ignys have got a debut EP on their hands they call it "Vestigium". The EP being written, arranged, recorded, and mixed at the BlindOwlStudio (PY) through the 2017 year. During which time, the EP's final product would be vast and well worth the amount of time put into it. Thus, the EP is built around a concept, of a musical journey that begins with a dim atmospheric feel, to that of a soundtrack element. It whispers the story that is hidden behind the entirety that is this whole EP. The tracks in tow being very vivid and mystic, like "Missing Page", the instrumental piece that opens the EP very much takes you in, on this journey at a whim. As the other tracks take from it, like "From Shadows", "Frozen Stone", and "Rag Doll", for instance, really captures the symphonic flare. The instrumentals and vocal work, being cunning, yet overwhelming, it makes the music very comforting yet confident. As do the other remaining tracks off the EP the title track "Vestigium" and "The One With The Empty Shell", bring the whole EP together as a fusion of focus. Keeping in mind to that of the other working's that just make it all very touching, powerful, and very driven with the force of the music. In other words, the EP "Vestigium", is a rather interesting yet solid piece of efforts, that makes all the other elements thrown in, well created, yet crafty and memorable. Ignys is an act worth following, for their style is built solid with a firm base to back it up.

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