Farewell, My Love - Self-Titled EP

When their first single "Wrong & Right", crossed my path back in 2011, by an act named Farewell, My Love, these guys had taken the concept to that of theatrical rock to another rank in its ability of creation. At this time, said single would go on to be a part of the band's debut EP "A Dance You Won't Forget" released in 2011 as well. Whilst this single and accompanying EP featured the first vocalist Caleb Harbin at the mic, the following releases "Mirror, Mirror" (2013) another EP with full-length follow-up "Gold Tattoos" also in 2013, would have another vocalist at the mic Ryan Howell. With two vocalists down and out for the count, drummer turned vocalist Chad Kowal would take on the mic role, putting forth material that would span across another EP "Wrapped Up in Pinstripes" (2014), another full-length sophomore efforts "Above It All", (2016) and latest and newest release "Farewell, My Love" (2018) a self-titled approach.

So then how does the self-titled EP sound in terms of Chad Kowal's vocal abilities and material in general for the band Farewell, My Love. A band who has come such a long way, going through such an array of line-up changes, dealing with mishaps and other mannerisms in-between. Well in comparison to the last few releases, "Wrapped Up In Pinstripes" (2014) EP and sophomore album "Above It All" (2016). The self-titled EP release, is a whole another direction in terms of style, sound, and vocalization as a whole.

In other words, Farewell, My Love, went from the theatrical rock sound, that they were so good at creating, building upon, and should have stuck to, to a drowned out version of what Fall Out Boy are doing nowadays. Yet another act who started great at the start then changed over time, not being as they were once known. So yeah this EP has an assortment of material that does sound nicely put together, but in terms of again the style and sound, it is really a copy and pasted effort of what and how Fall Out Boy sound, very poppy rock mixed out.

Not leaving any essence or presents of their previous material anywhere in earshot if at all. Instrumentals and vocals sound good, for the production quality, but if you were hoping and expecting a blast from the past, your hopes were cut short. Enjoy the past times by listening to the earlier working's for the current material that is this EP, is better left as good but not great.

Farewell, My Love should go back to how they sounded and even looked way back when, it is what made them who they are, and that way of style and sound is greatness. This turn of style of sound is something that they are not. Even if this is an improvement for their own sake, it may be on their part but to others it may or may not work out so well. That is how this EP puts itself out there clearly enough.

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