Granny 4 Barrel Will Rock Your Next Grandparents Day!

Granny 4 Barrel will be your most favoritest grandparent of them all! Why you ask, well because she's a granny that rocks! Literally, this granny is a Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare that she is simply the Matriarch of Metal and Rock music combined! "Freak Flag", is the first single/video of many more to come, with lots of other goods and stories to be told and had by a true original grandma of this generation, into the next one. Granny herself goes into discussion about the music, tour and live showcase activity, to everything else in-between!

1. So tell me about the Granny, who is Granny 4 Barrel and what is it that she does?

Granny is an alter ego character an amalgam of contradictions.... A dichotomy between old and feeble meets youth and vigor! I channel this character's insanity and rage... Granny exists to push people‘s buttons and challenge perceptions and stereotypes.

2. Why go with a name like Granny 4 Barrel, how did the name come into effect, does it have a meaning to it?

The name Granny comes from the appearance of being old… 4 Barrel comes about because of something inherently powerful. There it is again, the contrast/dichotomy of two opposite things.... Apzparent weakness and power combined! For a character that looks like she could be the great grandmother of Rob Zombie… This is a perfect name!

3. How would you describe the sound that Granny 4 Barrel creates, why should we care to listen?

The sound is a hybrid of old-school and modern guitar riffs, mixed with cool grooves, electronics and violin. Mix that together with a ton of attitude and high energy.... and there you have it G4B!

4. When it comes to Granny 4 Barrel’s look in appearance, does that come full force with the live showcases that she throws on as well or is it just an image and nothing more to it?

Granny is the Matriarch of Metal! She looks like some kind of horror queen from the Victorian era that just stepped out on stage to front a metal band. The other members of the band have a similar neo-vaudeville horror look... they are members of her dysfunctional family with criminal backgrounds!

5. What is the story behind the track titled “Freak Flag”?

The song represents freedom of expression. It is about letting go of your inhibitions and being proud of who you truly are and not being ashamed to show the world!

6. How about the accompanying video for the same track, what does the concept hold?

The concept for the video is identical to the meaning of the song. We put out a casting call for eccentric people. People who had a special look or talent that made them unique. We wanted to shoot a video with all of these folks and their creative energies and enthusiasm in one room, celebrating each other‘s uniqueness!

7. “Freak Flag”, is the first single, in a series of singles to be released. How many singles shall we expect to see? Will there be videos as well?

At least one more single before the release of the full length album. It could possibly be three singles though, there are so many great songs on the record, we want to give a spotlight to them all.

8. What are your songs about, what types of topics do they cover?

A common theme on the record is female villainesses or fem fatales... Women getting revenge! But there are other themes as well, expect a few stories to be told… I mean wouldn’t an old woman who fronts a rock band tell a few stories in her songs? There’s even a remake of a Judas Priest song… But we’ll keep that a secret until the record comes out. :)

9. Who are your influences that you look up when creating the music that you do?

I credit many old school rock bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, AC/DC and Iron Maiden... but there is so much great music in the world that the influences never really stop and that’s why the music and G4B will keep evolving.

10. What plans do you have for Granny 4 Barrel in the coming future?

We will keep promoting our first single “Freak Flag”, and playing live shows. There are so many potential bands that we can tour with, because the music is so far reaching and accessible to many types of rock fans. You will see heavy touring beginning in 2018! So be on the lookout for all of the madness and insanity that is Granny 4 Barrel!

11. Anything else you want to say or add on?

I just want to give you a special thanks Natalie for taking the time for the interview… Granny thanks you as well. :)

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