Friendly Rich - The Great Blue Heron

Canadian Friendly Rich is one mad composer, as he's been composing music for sometime, including doing work on MTV's TV show The Tom Green Show. But since the 90's of 94 he's been recording exclusively for his own record label he calls The Pumpkin Pie Corporation, yes indeed, you read right a record label named after a pastry. But that is not all that Friendly Rich has to his name, as he even holds a Masters degree in music from the University of Toronto, under the supervision of Dr. Lee Bartel and composer R. Murry Schafer. That all said of course, it has to lead somewhere which just so happens to be his latest offering, in the form of a full-length album titled "The Great Blue Heron".

The eleventh studio recording that features Hawksley Workman (drums, synths) and Kevin Breit (bass, electric guitars, mandolins), besides the obvious Friendly Rich (classical guitar/vocals).
The album just released this fall, consists of 15-tracks some of which showcases Friendly Rich in a different light, as upon the track titled "Dubai", he sings clean cut, but has moments of screams layered in as well. His screaming antics being not screamo level of the music genre, but pretty close somewhat. As opposed to other mentionable tracks like "Dying On The Road", "Lady Death", and the series of tracks, literally titled "Terry Fox Suite" parts 1 through 4. All of the material listed here, is really some of the most gripping pieces of music, you will hear off this album from Friendly Rich. As his works is just so appealing as is, it is hard not to listen in on it. His style of choice being a combination of folk rock meets pop rock slightly, with the added addition of country thrown in for some good old measurements. That is what you get when listening in to these song picking's for the keepings. Some energetic source material, that makes Friendly Rich, that more friendly yet highly entertaining if at that.

Just a lot going on for this album, and these tracks, that Friendly Rich and company have created, that really take you in, and keep you in place, as the music just flows for you. Never letting you get bored but staying enlightened by the entertaining beats at play.

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