HIM's Ville Valo Reveals Solo Project Rambo Rimbaud

HIM's frontman vocalist Ville Valo has revealed that he's got a solo project Rambo Rimbaud where he performed for the first time ever at the Helldone Festival this past December in Helsinki, Finland.

Helldone Festival describes the Rambo Rimbaud project as This mysterious act from 'somewhere behind God's back' has until now kept the lowest of low profiles. The few who managed to catch a glimpse of RAMBO RIMBAUD's live appearances under various monikers in the mid noughties confess in unison that they had been blown away. 'It's hard to put a finger on the music, other than it being out of this world, emotional and very powerful. I actually remember wondering where they have disappeared!' After these humble beginnings, a series of unfortunate events brought about a forced hiatus of almost ten years, but now RAMBO RIMBAUD is finally working on its debut album, tentatively entitled 'Militantly Violent Libertine'."

Check out performance footage of the concert HERE.

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