The Agonist's Video for "Gates Of Horns and Ivory" Released

The Agonist have released a new video for the song "Gates of Horns and Ivory". This to be the first video to feature new vocalist Vicky Psarakis. Guitarist Danny Marino had this to say about the video:

"We had a great time shooting the Gates of Horn and Ivory video with our good friend and long time collaborator David Brodsky. It was great to finally have a video where we get to laugh at ourselves as well! If you've ever met the band you would know were not always as serious as our music may let on. The title and lyrics of Gates of Horn and Ivory were inspired by the ancient Greek text The Odyssey. It is said that within dreams should you see something enter through gates made of horn you can know it to be true in life. If the gates are ivory that it is a deception, and in life you should not trust whatever you saw come through those gates. It's a very interesting concept and I adapted it to things I have witnessed in my life. For the video we decided to use the music industry as the setting for the duality of horn (truth) and ivory (deception)."

Check it out HERE.

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