Post Mortal Possession - Possessing Enity

Death metal has intense vocal skills depending on the precise style and vocalist at the mic. In the case of Post Mortal Possession with their EP release "Possessing Entity", this release has their vocalist bringing the death metal style up front and centered, by allowing it to have more of a pig squeal effect than a deep guttural growl effect. This doesn't mean the vocals are bad to the ear but more of an easy listening experience. The vocals ganging up with the instrumentals, like the guitar riffs, and drumming all collide together, ganging up on each other. Like take songs like "Suspended By Nails", "Death March", and "Visceral Butchery", these provide that exposure and experience. Allowing the listener to hear the music but enjoy it more easily, while they bang their heads. One other act that is brought to mind that sounds a lot like these guys would be Terminally Your Aborted Ghost. All in all Post Moral Possession's EP is one easy listening experience.

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