MurderFM's Norman Talks NAMM Experience, Fan Service, and New Tunes!

Dark rock n' rollers MurderFM are back on the scene with all new material! They have a new album coming out with a single to follow called "Lethal Lovers". Touring and show plans also in the works with just getting their name ever so further in existence! Frontman vocalist, guitarist, Norman Matthews, discusses the new material briefly, but covers a wide range of input on the NAMM convention. A music based trade show where all of the world's largest and smallest acts gather to party, talk, and make a deal!

1. Introduce yourself, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Norman:  I am Norman Matthew, singer/guitarist of MurderFM and the second cutest member. Actually I am probably the fourth outa four but it's all good haha!

2. Let us get started by filling in as to what the band has been up to in the past year?

Norman: Man! We have been killing it thanks to our awesome fans! I know that sounds super cliché, but we have a crazy cult following similar to HIM. That the band is doing really well. We did the Rob Zombie tour, Fozzy with Chris Jericho tour which was super amazing, Avatar tour, Lacuna Coil, The Pretty Reckless, Five Finger Death Punch,  I mean the year was just crazy for us! Now we're getting ready to release our new album in April, announce our new signing, so it's been awesome!  It's just like tour, tour, tour, no record, that one single and video "We The Evil" it just took off for us, thanks to you and Revolver Magazine and other outlets, so thank you.

3. You are currently at NAMM's seventh year run, for those who may not be familiar with NAMM, what can you expect?

Norman: Yeah the NAMM convention is a huge trade show filled with lots of retailers, Gibson, Fender, Blackstar Amps, it's an only industry only, but there are people who get in through friends, family, retailers, etc. The artists treat them right ya know? A lot of autograph signings, I got to do something with Tommy of KISS, which was pretty awesome! It's a huge convention, with people from all over the world, it's like a yearly excuse to party!

 4. Have you been to NAMM before? Does each year differ from one another or is it the same ordeal year after year?

Norman: This is my fifth year being here probably. I brought my little brother with me during my first year here, so we wanted to check out everything! We wanted to try and meet people, go to the autograph signings, get the hook-up, it was just too much for a few days. Now it's cool, doing interviews, appearances, we now have our own career, just walking the halls, saying hey. I've been stopped by people, taking pictures, saying hey, it's just great, seeing how things change and our band is a Cinderella story.

5. Why did you want to go to NAMM this year?

Norman: This year, we kind of had too. I would have come anyways haha. But this year was business, letting everyone know who we are and what we have planned with the new album, industry, just showing everyone our thing, since we're off running around here and there now. It's California, you got to come out and see the industry and your friends.

6. What are you looking out for while at NAMM?

Norman: This year, a lot of press, build up, release cycle, I was able to check out some new stuff, Blackstar AMPs, some new recording software, which I use at the Sound Foundation, so a lot of new things going on. I am hoping to run into Nikki Sixx again, that'd be cool because he's always here.

7. Who have you run into while at NAMM?

Norman: I've run into my friends from the UK The Defiled, I walked by Stevie Wonder, Bono of US, the thing I did with KISS was cool. The dudes from Megadeth, it's so weird walking down the hall then see Dave Mustaine, asking if I can use the sink in the bathroom too haha. It's cool when bands acknowledge us as a band and us them.

8. How does one get to attend NAMM?

Norman: You got to be a baller haha. You have to know someone in the industry or work in the industry to get access to it. But you can come by and check everything out, see who pulls up in what, who's hanging out front, it's cool.

9. What is in the future for Murder FM?

Norman: Our new record comes out in April, with our new single being "Lethal Lovers", some of the best stuff I have ever written and a favorite of mine. We'll be shooting a video for it. We're going to add some bonus content to the album's release. Our drummer is the drummer of Wednesday 13, so they're out on tour for now, then we'll be out touring and doing shows.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Norman: I definitely want to do the cliché fan shout out. We have done 0 marketing dollars into trying to make this band happen, it has all been done by the fans, magazines, we're doing it on our own. You should be proud, take pride, in who we are as MurderFM and who they are because without them we wouldn't be here.

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