Evolove - We Are The Warriors

What could be the best description for Evolove? Well as they like to put it, "It's an encompassing, ever changing force, that bonds us through love". Taking "love" to heart by infusing it within their name Evolove, they have written and recorded material for their debut full-length "We Are The Warriors". "Warriors", being the leading aspect to this release, due to it being the leading single of choice, it has that upbeat and catchy rhythm and lyrics to suit it, making it all entangle amongst itself. While other noticeable tracks like "Do Or Die", have a more intense upbeat rhythm to it, making the lyrics be more inspiring. Whereas "No More Excuses", "Spare Me", and "Take No Prisoners", enhance what "Do Or Die" did, kicking up that intense rhythm a few more notches, having these tracks become more pushy, that you want to get up, shout, and raise your fist, with each instrumental beat and word of lyric. Evolove's "We Are The Warriors" debut release, is one of those, that brings to mind that of, New Years Day meets In This Moment, except not as heavy but more mellow driven.

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