DECADENCE has decided that next year in 2013 will be their year and final year to shine. They posted the following message on the band's site;

"Time passes fast when you are having fun and that’s exactly how it has felt for almost 10 years rolling on the Decadence train. Next year of 2013, Decadence celebrates our 10th anniversary with a total of four albums and a demo, many great shows, memories and experiences to go along with that with us. Keeping this in mind, and the good spirit that Decadence has given every one of us, we have decided to bring this journey to an end and let it continue on its own with the help of all our amazing fans and friends and of course by own projects that will be initiated by the members of Decadence on separate ways.

We all believe that Decadence has contributed to the Metal scene in the best way we could. Our combination of two Metal genres – Thrash and Melodic Death – has been an amazing experience and an outlet to project our musical influences in a fusion of our own. All of us feel that we have grown as musicians, individuals and friends by Decadence. This band has really been life for us for almost 10 years, starting at 16 years of age for some of us. Leaving Decadence and continuing on separate ways will allow us to continue to grow as musicians and we hope our fans will be able to continue sharing our new experiences together with us.

For our anniversary in 2013 the plans are to release material from our history. Hopefully, such previously unreleased material will be valuable for our faithful Decadence collectors out there. The planned 5th album has been pulled to a halt and our booked/planned shows are cancelled.

Decadence official website will remain to deliver the news of future happenings both within and outside of Decadence, to keep track on what the members are up to. The web shop will also remain active and be the source of the lowest priced Decadence CDs and merchandise, as always.

As said at the end of our most significant album 3rd Stage of Decay: “Curtain“. The drapery now falls on our stage and we thank you all for an amazing journey."

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