Knights of the Abyss – The Culling of the Wolves

Knights of the Abyss metalcore trend has been sparked back to life on their latest addition "The Culling of Wolves" whereas their previous efforts 'Shades" possessed that hardcore sensibility that didn't quite settle the band's territory all that well.

While the band has dealt with its issues and problems on and off the band has come into full effect showing major maturity since their last release. This time around they have taken various influences and embedded them against one another having their material be a cross between The Black Dahlia Murder meets All Shall Perish meets Behemoth it’s a vicious cycle of on-going bless. Though the album comprises of 11 tracks these are by far set in stone and produce a solid source of material like take “The House Of Crimson Coin,” “The Swine Of The Holy Order,” and the first single, “Deceiver’s Creed”, these alone showcase the ability that Knights of the Abyss has been lingering to dish out. Now that they have such raw talent and skills this time around is unbelievable on what may happen next.

In support of "The Culling of Wolves" Knights of the Abyss have planned on spending the next year or so out on the road having various tours already lined up one after the other. Bassist Griffin Kolinski goes into saying “We’re death metal and that’s all we’ve ever wanted to be,” adding on that “We’re not trying to associate ourselves with anything but death metal. We want to head out with bigger straight metal acts and we don’t want to back ourselves into a corner. This record is a huge expansion on the band and a natural progression for this band. We’re new and improved Knights. This version is bigger and better and we’re more solid live.”

So are there high stakes at hand here? The material does press forward to becoming even more intense than ever before.

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