The Hotel Café’s Welcomes Gary Jule’s Eerie Predicaments….

It was a very unusual cold night out in Hollywood, California for singer/ song writer Gary Jules famous for his one hit wonder of a single “Mad World” had taken in the time to perform at The Hotel Cafe located in the middle of Cahuenga Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard painted in its jet black gloomy goodness this small set-up was the perfect spot for anyone wanting to stretch their feet on the wintery night’s pavement.

The night started off to a cozy start with your typical modern day twist of Mr. Kevin Misajon his styles rendering that of New Yorker Gavin DeGraw having that same modern day flare that settles in at just the right time and just the precise moment. His set being followed by another solo artist Holly Colan a folk indie pop diva with a stylish kick that rises the music a couple of notches with her upbeat and rather catchy tone of hits, "Uh Oh", "You and Me", and "One Two Three", available on her latest album "Fascinator".

When those performers were all said and done the headliner was last to commence his time and efforts and Gary Jules took the stage strong and hard embracing in about a 45-minute set-up that consisted of such tunes as "Broke Window", "Wichita", "Gone Daddy", "Falling Awake", 'The Devil Keeps Grinning", and sing-along hit "Barstool". But that's not all he sang for that evening he concluded the night with a guitar rendition of 'Mad World", performing the entire song acoustically without the piano instrumentals that it has been so well known for.

It was an easy-going night for all who came and for those that didn’t you missed one hell of a night of pure relaxation. 

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