Anime Expo 2010 Rises or Just Falls Flat?

With the Anime Expo entering its eighteen year this year there was absolutely no telling as to how it would all turn out. Having started back in 1992 the Anime Expo or abbreviated AX is an American anime convention that takes place during the 4th of the July weekend of festivities over a course of four days each year in sunny Southern California. Over the course of time the annual convention has held its hot spots here and there ranging between San Jose, to Oakland down to Anaheim and even Long Beach going as far out as New York at one point even. This event has left its mark in one place or another but since 2008 it made L.A. its home base and has never looked back.

Having a gross of 44,000 in attendance during last year's festivities there was no telling as to what would become of this year's set let alone who would turn out. Some of the attendees included Yuu Asakawa, Kyle Hebert, Sophia, Toshihiro Kawamoto, Shinichi Watanabe, DJ CHUCKY, M-Project, m1dy, GUHROOVY, NO+CHIN and DJ Schwarzenegger Kenji Kamiyama, Satoru Nakamura and Tomohiko Ishii,[30] Katsuyuki Konishi, AKB48, MELL, Rei Hiroe, May'n, Megumi Nakajima, Horie Yui, Danny Choo, Eri Kitamura, BENI, RSP, Masakazu Morita, Saki Aibu, Vic Mignogna,  and Johnny Yong Bosch among a variety of others just wanting to get noticed.

As the days rolled by people came from all over to grab a glance as to what this year had to offer its attendees from music to food right down to the goodie bags with its beloved treasures hidden deep within there was something the Anime Expo had in store. For instance two whole rooms were set up for just the gamers who just couldn’t enough of the video game lifestyle whereas others took in the sights and the sounds of the up and coming cartoon series that will soon be released right down to the catchy but upbeat tunes that never faded away with the karaoke sessions among other activities.

Besides all of that however there was a bunch of booths set up with their chosen attire of choice from clothing wear to toys, posters, movies, games, and artwork. Having a whole set of aisles dedicated to the art industry all of the artists from all over gathering in this one spot to show off their talented skills to whoever was willing to admire their hard but dedicated work attics. So pretty much this year went a long way offering a wide range of activities and festivities for everybody to enjoy - did I forget to mention that most if not all who were in attendance dressed up as their favorite characters?

A handful of spectators came out to snap a shot with some of their all-time favorites from Mario and Luigi to Kirby, Power Rangers, Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Zelda, Naruto, including some of the super heroes as well, Spider-Man, Venom, everybody who was anybody joined in – in all of the fun and pure excitement that this year’s Anime Expo had to offer.

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