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Robb Kavjian of 1476 answered some questions via email about what the band is about what types of music they're into and what can be said about their latest addition "A Wolf's Age".

1. Who are “1476” and what is the “1476” sound?  How long have you been together?

Robb: 1476 is Neil and I. Our sound on our first album, A Wolf's Age, is dark, moody, heavy at times, soft at others, sometimes dreamy, sometimes immediate, and hopefully uplifting to people. We will be doing a 180 with our sound on our upcoming EP but the core vibe of 1476 will still be present. We will be working with more classically based and folk instruments as well as some noise/drones. We've been together for a couple of years now.

2. What do you like best about the band’s sound and music (band’s strength), and what things are you still working on to improve or what things aren’t fully conveyed yet in your songs?

Robb: I like that we have no boundaries and are constantly looking for ways reinvent ourselves, expand, and progress. We're dedicated to keeping our music pure, meaning that we follow our own spirits and minds regardless of what anyone else may be doing or think we should be doing. Staying true to yourself keeps your music sincere, genuine, and original. We're chasing an ideal, I suppose, and that's our main concern.

3. Almost all of your tunes feature big in-your-face guitar solos.  Are you trying to bring back the guitar solo?

Robb: Hahahaha! I never thought of it that way...! Maybe I am...?

4. In particular if you could expand on your approach to lyrics.

Robb: I try to be aware of patterns that I may slip in to in order to always stay fresh. Every release we do will have a new approach.

5. On Songwriting:  Can you talk some about how a song comes together for the band (music, groove, lyrics, etc)?  What inspires you?

Robb: I'm inspired by primal forces in nature. Things we take for granted like fire or water can help deliver some powerful imagery. For example, "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash or "Smoke Without Fire" by Bright Eyes are timeless, staggering, and beautiful songs. The demoing process is where we really build and tear down the layers in each song.

6. Pick one of the other songs you particularly like from the site and comment on it.

Robb: The Demons In The Circle is probably the most significant song to me on the website. To talk more deeply about it would be a bit too self-indulgent for my tastes. What genuinely interests me is what other people think and feel about it, for better or worse.

7. Talk some about playing live.  What the best part about it?  What’s difficult?

Robb: The best part about playing live is when it's everything you hope it to be: your playing and delivery is flawless, you bond with the audience, your emotions and adrenaline bring you to an altered state, the sound person is doing a good job, the people who booked the show are not being shady, superficial, or underhanded, and you meet some good people all around. The difficult part about playing live is that 95% of the time these good things never happen...

8. What’s the one thing you want people to get out of your music?

Robb: Comfort, fantasy, a vacation from whatever they have to go through everyday. I hope people get whatever they want to get out of it.

9. How would you personally describe the sound of 1476 to a potential fan?

Robb: Deep, dark, and wide. A journey through the underworld. There's always a light at the end.

10. Anything else you’d like to add?

Robb: Sometime this fall, we will be releasing a very limited EP called Smoke In The Sky. Our networking pages will be updated with more info in the next few weeks regarding this. Thank you, Natalie, for giving us this opportunity.

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