Hot Chelle Rae – Lovesick Electric

Hot Chelle Rae or HCR has chosen to do what no band would ever consider doing which is electrifying themselves….Well not exactly but they do go as far as unleashing their own source of electricity with the release of “Lovesick Electric” their debut full-length that has been sparking static waves of its own accord. According to guitarist Nash Overstreet “We wanted the music to sound larger than life.” While front man Ryan Keith added on “We wanted it to sound explosive and new and fun and be better than anything out there”.

Having had said this remark, the songs in mention includes such tunes as “I Like To Dance”, “Never Have I Ever”, “Say (Half Past Nine)”, and “Bushes”, and yet but more softer tune “Bleed”. With songs like these there is absolutely no telling as to how far this will end up. Like take “I Like To Dance”, the song alone is the band’s current hit and also comes with a music video to back it up keeps the music interactive and bouncy.

Whereas tunes like “Bleed”, showcases a more sensitive side of HCR that has a barrier of comfort that relaxes the listener keeping them as ease as they are placed under a relaxation spell. Having that spell become broken up with the more hip yet faster beats of such tunes as, “Never Have I Ever”, “Say (Half Past Nine)”, and “Bushes”, HCR unleashes this pop funky rhythm that goes right along the lines of sounding just like All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, and We Are The Arsenal. 

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