Church For Sinners - Of Prayers And Pestilence

Three summers ago Everett's Washington's Church For Sinner's or (CFS) had released their first EP "Making Monsters" (2007) since that sizzling summer release the band has been hard at work writing as well as recording their full-length debut "Of Prayers And Pestilence".

Produced by friend and Gruesome Boys guitarist, Brent Wikinson, this is an epic look at where the band begun and where they are now. Breaking free of all expectations known to mankind, the guys had gone into the studio with one goal in mind, "to create an album that would show their depth and ability while simultaneously ensuring that the band would never be pigeon holed, like so many in the horror rock scene."

When it comes down to the album it lays itself out to becoming nothing but a glam pop rock album cut into an anthem of chorus’ having a repeating style of instrumentals that gets old fast and quick. The music builds up here and there like on "A Finger Hold In Death's Embrace", whereas "City of the Dead", and "Pairs After Dark", seem to rather rotate the music into pop rock frenzy that lets the music lack the momentum and energy that Church for Sinners once grasped on their E.P. "Making Monsters".

Thus the album goes into spanning a variety of genres; pop, southern rock, heavy metal, and best of all gothic punk that they've been known for since the beginning. Church for Sinners has taken a step forward going into several directions, both musically and lyrically covering topics ranging from religion, hero worship, love, death, and longing, keeping the listener informed and entertained. For the fans of any type of horror punk currently in existence, Calabrese, Danzig, Stellar Corpses, going down the lines of modern day punk rockers Drive A and heavy metallers Toxic Holocaust.

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