D'espairsRay Are the Monsters of Reality (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

D'espairsRay a Japanese rock band who's been around for the past 11 years have done everything from touring across Europe right down to North American right back to their home country, HIZUMI, Karyu, ZERO and TSUKASA are currently on their 2010 World Tour in promotion for their fourth full-length album "Monsters". Be sure to capture all of the fun and excitement that can only be witnessed through the eyes of the monster.

1. You’re currently on your world tour in promotion for “Monsters” how does it feel to be on the touring cycle again?

It’s very exciting.

2. Are you excited to be playing in the US again?

We’re really excited about it but a lot of things happened such as cancelations and other stuff. But we really hope we can create another foundation for another tour in the future.

3. Can you tell us about the new album, “Monster”? What were your inspirations for some of the songs?

The title says it all “Monsters”, is kind of what we used as far as a theme for this album. Basically the monster is within that person or perhaps a person who may look human is a monster on the outside. It’s a bit different than what we’re created in the past.

4. What are you trying to say lyrically with this album?

It all differs between each song and the theme for this album is monsters.

5. What about your new music video for the song "Death Point", what was the concept behind it?

We wanted a rough looking video with a lot of different angles that looked like it was shot all in one take.

6. Which song on “Monster”, was the easiest to write?

There were no easy songs to write when it came to writing this album. Except “Human Clad Monsters” was probably the concept that brought the whole album together and what made it what it is.

7. Who writes the songs, how does the writing process for D'espairsRay work?

If you look in the album jacket it has all of the credits listed for each song and the music is written by different people.

8. Which song off the album would you say is your favorite?

We like all of them.

9. Japan is known for its Anime population which Anime would you say is your favorite?

It’d probably have to be, Full Metal Alchemist and any Studio Ghibli Animation creations.

10. What about video games, what are your all time favorite video gaming systems and games to play?

The song PSP and the video game called Monster Hunter.

11. What else can we expect from D'espairsRay in the coming 12 months?

Right now we’re touring America then we’re going back to Japan for our anniversary concert we do every year. Then we’re off to Europe then back to Japan again and then will be writing some new songs for another future release.

12. What you ever consider touring alongside MUCC, Dir En Grey, and X-Japan all on one tour?


13. You guys have toured all over is there a spot that you haven't toured yet?

We haven’t been to South America, Africa, or Australia.

14. What is the most typical question that you get asked the most during an interview?

“What is your favorite food?”

15. Why should people listen to your band?

We have magical powers that you wouldn’t even know possibly because by coming to our shows your body will start to move without you even realizing it.

16. For the people that don’t know who D'espairsRay is what should they know?

It’s not something that can be explained in words. We want people to come out and see our show to get the real experience that D'espairsRay can produce.

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