Daybreak Ends - A Second Chance To Fail

Daybreak Ends has come a long way since their debut “Perfect Tragedy” dropped in 2007 then 2009 saw the release with a follow-up EP in 2009 entitled "The Self Unseen" now that a few years have surpassed it is time for the future it is time for a second chance..... "A Second Chance To Fail".

"Chivalry Is No Dead But You Are...", opens up this sophomore release for the local Los Angeles rockers, this being chalk full of heavy tearing riffs with heart pulsing drum patterns that really keeps the music flowing. "Wilshire Pig", is another guitar terror that brings the heaviness ever so further than the opener had done except has the vocals to back it all up, the momentum used here is strong and fully focused never wanting to quit. "Song Of The Brazen Bull", is another one of the tunes that contains that heavy adrenaline and powerful vocals with raw emotion written all over it.

“A Second Chance To Fail”, is the chance these locals have had coming for a long time and now that they have grasped upon it there is no turning back and not letting go not by a long shot.

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