Make Me Famous - Its Now Or Never

When it comes to one outlet source there is a variety of ways to use it that is what Denis Shaforostov did promoting himself then began promoting his own take on a metalcore band by the name of Make Me Famous.

Go Figure? Who would want to be famous hence taking a name like that well these guys thats who and thats what got them to get signed with Sumerian Records, released not only a single and video but their debut full-length entitled "It's Now Or Never". It takes a stand at being a lot like A Skylit Drive meets Asking Alexandria with its clean vocal melodies and eletronic portions while the heavier aggressive side really puts everything into its proper place. It's 4 minutes with 15 tracks that keeps it all fresh yet rather listenable throughout. "Blind Date 101", opens things up pumping things up but nothing gets flowing until "Make It Precious", having ballad tune "She Haunted Me", mellow things down. The instrumentals used here are thought out well enough to make this music suiting for the most part having its heaviness occur every so often but everything is put out there into the open letting it all do it's own thing pretty much. While the lyrical context is built on a solid ground being very emotional at times but yet powerful overall.

Fans of Attack Attack, A Skylit Drive, and Asking Alexandria will surly fall in love with these up-and-comers hands down.

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