Product Of Hate Discusses New Material, Upcoming Plans and What’s Happening Next!

Wisconsin metallers Product Of Hate have got a lot going on right now from playing showcases in and around their home state to writing all new material for their upcoming full-length to everything else that's fallen in between them. Like their 12-minute film entitled "Unholy Manipulator" and EP debut "The Unholy Manipulator". The entire band caught up with me to discuss the band's latest and upcoming releases, film, and just who Product Of Hate really is from the inside out.

1. Where does a name like Product of Hate come from? What made you chose the name for the band?

Adam Gilley (Vocals): I like the shock value of it. It represents stuff that parents don't want their kids to listen to.

Mark Campbell (Bass): We received an email about two days before the EP went to press informing us that a Canadian band shared our name, which at the time was I FOR AN I. We took the name from a song that we used to play, which was called "Product of Hate." We don't do that song anymore, but it made for a great band name.

2. What can you tell me about your EP The Unholy Manipulator, what does the title represent?

Mike McGuire (Drums): The title was coin-flip based on the song of the same name. It's open to interpretation. As we were nearing the end of recording, we'd asked producer Chris Djuricic (aka Chris Wisco) if we should do "Devil's Surprise" or "Unholy Manipulator." He chose the latter, and we added "The" to the front for the title of the EP. Ironically, a song we almost didn't record ended up being the source of the name, and the first video we shot.

3. Touring-wise you just have a handful of shows within the upcoming month’s right? When will you be making your mark on a full fledged tour?

Geno Rathbone (Lead Guitar): As soon as humanly possible. If it was up to us, we'd be on the road constantly. Unfortunately, as many bands - and I'm sure your readers know - it's hard to make a living doing music full-time right now, especially for a band at our level. Right now we all work other jobs, but when the right opportunity comes up, we can leave at a moment’s notice.

4. Besides the EP you are planning and writing for your debut full-length how is that going?

Geno: We've written over a dozen songs so far, and they make the EP look like we were a garage band. I know that every band tends to hype their new material over their past, but for us it's true. The new songs are tighter - and more powerful and grown-up. While many new listeners are just discovering our EP, in reality it's almost two years old - and some of those songs were written up to four years ago. Essentially, we've had four years to mature as writers and performers.

5. The Unholy Manipulator, your latest release, how did Chris Djuric come to produce the EP?

Adam: Mark had worked with him in the past, but since he'd produced records for some of our best friends including LAZARUS A.D. (Metal Blade) and DIRGE WITHIN (Rocket Science/THC: Music), it seemed like the obvious choice. We knew that he did phenomenal work.

Cody Rathbone (Guitar) - James Murphy who used to be in TESTAMENT and DEATH mixed it for us.

6. What about UNHOLY MANIPULATOR it's a 12-minute film and is being submitted across various film festivals worldwide has it been shown yet and what has been said about it? What is the story about?

BAND: There are only a few people that have actually seen UNHOLY MANIPULATOR, and they've all loved it. We've been in talks with a few different labels that are interested in signing PRODUCT OF HATE, and we're holding back the film to give whatever label signs us the opportunity to release something very special right out of the gate. If someone is going to invest in our band, we'd certainly like to start things off with something massive.

The short is based around the "Unholy Manipulator" song, and was based upon a concept by our friend/co-manager James Zahn and manager Scott Licina. There's a "movie-within-a-movie" thing happening, and also somewhat of a bend in reality where the worlds of fantasy and fiction merge.

Ashley Laurence, whom many will recognize from her work in the HELLRAISER films or from her cameo in SLIPKNOT's "Snuff" video, stars as both herself as an actress - and as the title character in the "Unholy Manipulator" film, within the short film. Tim Lovelace, an actor known for the cult movie MOSQUITO and the forthcoming BUNYAN plays a video store customer that also winds up in the "fantasy world," where he encounters Ashley and the band.

Throughout the course of the film, we pay respect and homage to some of our favorite films like RESERVOIR DOGS, FARGO, THE WARRIORS, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, etc. It's extremely violent and bloody.

We went to Ohio for three days of filming with Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps. Bob is a legend in the special FX world, and a director himself. He actually produced UNHOLY MANIPULATOR with Scott, while James directed and edited. Kurtzman directed WISHMASTER, created FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, and gave Quentin Tarantino his first paying gig as a writer. He was also the "K" in KNB EFX Group.

There's been some flak from some local friends that we haven't just uploaded it to YouTube yet, but this is something unconventional, so we're taking an unconventional route with it. Just now submitting to film festivals, plus there will be a "making of" released. You can view a teaser for UNHOLY at the end of our "Blood Coated Concrete" video on YouTube.


7. How about writing? When it comes down to it what do your lyrics consist of and what about the writing itself how does a song come to mind?

Adam: It can take days or weeks to complete lyrics. Lately, the songs have been very emotional - revenge filled. I play metal, so I let my anger out there. There are people that I point things at, and each song has meaning. There are definitely songs about certain people, but I don't name names.

Geno: Some songs have taken four weeks, some have taken four months. Ideally, we'd like every song to be as original as possible.

8. Everybody owns some sort of t-shirt whether it'd be a band tee or a movie tee of some sort. How many band tees’ are in your personal collection?

Cody: I've got two 'Zombie shirts, some Bob Marley. Actually, I really don't have many shirts. I have Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps shirt, and there's a shirt for a comic called BUMP that I wear a lot.

Geno: Cody basically wears whatever he stole from Mike the night before.

Adam: I have too many band shirts to count. Sentimental history, whether it be an artist or just a show - I tend to keep them around.

Geno: People should buy our shirts.

9. If your favorite band came out with a tee that was only released in pink instead of the typical black would you buy it and wear it?

Geno: If it was for Breast Cancer Awareness, definitely.

Mark: Product of Hate supports Breast Cancer Awareness.

Cody:  GWAR came out with one with a lot of pink, and I almost bought it.

Adam: That's a tall order, depends on the design.

10. Speaking of bands, which influence you guys when it comes to what you do whether it'd be writing or performing etc.

Geno: We have a wide range, not just metal bands. For the live show, there's not a lot of bands out there that I look at and feel like "Wow, I was really blown away by that live show." We're trying to become a spectacle. At some of our bigger shows, we've done some lighting effects, and had the "Cage Girls" that are featured in our videos.

Adam: I have a lot of influences, but I just get into the music and do what I do.

Mike: Gene Hoglan.

Mark:  Gene Rathbone.

11. What else can we expect from Product of Hate for this year?

BAND: Well, we just released our first music video. It was for the song "Blood Coated Concrete," and it was filmed along with UNHOLY MANIPULATOR when we went to Ohio. It's was kind of a "bonus video," so it's interesting that for most people it was their first exposure to us. An old-school factory throwdown with us just rocking out.

Beyond that, we went back into Belle City Sound with Chris Djuric in March to record a brand new song called "Revolution of Destruction." It will hit iTunes later this spring, day-and-date with a lyric video. Hopefully we'll also sign a label deal soon, and then we'll release the UNHOLY MANIPULATOR short film, and hit the road indefinitely. We'll probably also record the full-length, though 2013 is probably the most realistic for a release date. And Adam wants to get some shoes. Thanks for talking with us! #HATE2012

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