Havok - The Point Of No Return

Thrash metal lives on when it comes to Denver metallers Havok and their all new release "The Point Of No Return". This EP features two new tracks and 2 cover tunes overall its a solid piece of work.

The EP starts off with the opening title track that really smashes your face in with its fast pumping guitar riffs with truly driven drum tactics that really directs the music to the upcoming future for these guys. Whilst "From the Cradle To The Grave" continues this momentum only heighten it just a tad. Now the two covers offered includes Sepultura's "Arise" and Slayer's "Post Mortem and Raining Blood" these covers alone are well done with extrensive amounts of energy and influence to back them up.

All in all Havok keeps the thrash metal scene alive and well and will dominate the rest of the world piece by piece.

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