BELPHEGOR To Enter Studio In May To Begin Work On New Album

Death/black metallers BELPHEGOR will enter Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 29th. The band has tapped Erik Rutan to produce their new, as of yet untitled album, which will be released in the end of the year via Nuclear Blast records.

Guitarist/vocalist Helmuth Lehner commented: “Around 2006 I contacted Erik the first time, I guess. We talked about the producing of the Bondage Goat Zombie album, but he wasn’t available. This time, we had to do it! Our sound, attitude… or let’s say trademark, is a symbiosis of all extremities that came out of this glorious genre - Diabolical black death metal.

Since February 2012 we rehearse and wrote hard on nine shredding sound collages. To record chapter X with Erik is perfect, since he exactly knows what we need and how we get this shit done. The thing is the new compositions are full of intensity and pure aggression. The combination of European metal coldness, atmosphere and sickest elements - crossed with an American brutal sound, is the master plan. This experiment is going to be ultra-sick!

I dig to work with motivated, possessed and enthusiastic artists, to keep the fire burning, in all related things (producers, musicians, etc.) No rules, all is permitted. This is the main reason why Belphegor survived almost 20 years.”

Producer Erik Rutan further commented: “I am very excited to be recording and mixing the new Belphegor album at Mana. After many discussions with Helmuth and hearing some clips of new material, I know that the band is very focused and determined on making a harmoniously evil extreme masterpiece. We shall make one beast of an album that the fans have come to expect from Belphegor!”

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