Tonight is the night for rock n’ roll! Five-time Tony Award nominee rocktacular ROCK OF AGES has made its triumphant return to the city where it all started…. Los Angeles! Constantine Maroulis reprises his acclaimed performance as Drew. Which earned him a Tony nomination for being the Best Actor in a Musical is indeed saying something. As such, ROCK OF AGES is the night to rock out and let loose not having a care in the world.

With that said, this musical is set in 1987 on the infamous Sunset Strip in Hollywood where a small town girl meets a big city dreamer in L.A.’s most legendary rock club in town. The two fall in love with the greatest hits of the ’80’s. Filled with humor, wit, and your feel good love story is all the basic necessities needed for a solid hit musical. The characters themselves on the other hand are goofy and time consuming from time to time taking their portrayal to a whole another level making their bit that more enjoyable. Like leading man Constantine’s character Drew he’s a laid back guy with a down to earth attitude with a dream on wanting to make it big while his co-star Rebecca portraying Sherrie is a loveable easy going gal that isn’t sure on where she sees herself until she meets Drew. Narration is brought on by Patrick’s character Lonny who’s your goofy out of place modern rocker just wanting to get a laugh out ya. Besides that it’s brought bands such as Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Whitesnake and many more just to make this era come to life.

Leading producers Matthew Waver and Carl Levin were enthusiastic about returning to the city where it all got started stating that “Opening at the Pantages, L.A.’s premiere venue for touring Broadway musicals, is pretty heavy stuff for everyone involved with ROCK OF AGES”. Levin adds, “This little-show-that-could has travelled about thousands of miles to make the five-block journey from King King to the Pantages!”
King King is the Hollywood Boulevard nightclub where the very first incarnation of ROCK OF AGES opened in July 2005. After playing about four shows over the past two days the show was moved to Warner Brother’s soundstage in Los Angeles performing in August 2005. Come January 2006 the show made its premiere at The Vanguard where it played for six weeks. Later on down the line the musical had made its way to the big apple itself New York making the rest of it history.
Joining Mr. Maroulis is MiG Ayesa as Stacee Jaxx, Nick Cordero as Dennis, Rebecca Faulkenberry as Sherrie, Patrick Lewallen as Lonny, Teresa Stanley as Justice, Casey Tuma as Regina, Bret Tuomi as Hertz and Travis Walker as Franz. Rounding off the cast includes Angela Brydon, Joey Calveri, Lindsay Janisse, Sean Jenness, Holly Laurent, Lauralyn McClelland, Rashad Naylor, Josh Sassanella, Erika Shaoon, and Michael Zygo.

Director nominee Kristin Hanggi has outdone herself yet again when it comes to this production of a real rock n’ roll musical. There aren’t any other musicals out there that could even compare when it comes this. ROCK OF AGES is what rock n’ roll is all about.

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