Bolero – Voyage from Vinland

Celtic black/death metallers Bolero have released their debut album entitled "Voyage from Vinland". It's precisely what the title proclaims it to be it is a voyage unlike any you've experienced before that will take you to vast faraway lands you could only imagine happening in your dreams. Or perhaps that’s exaggerating it a bit; in any case Bolero's style is unique and very upbeat and mellow dwelling.

That goes into saying that this style is quite similar to that of Children of Bodom on the vocal aspect and the instrumental prospect is more Blackguard based. "Send of the War Summons", "When the Legends Die", and "Way to Forgotten Lands", each showcase their own characteristic of ability and skill. For instance "Send of the War Summons", is very upbeat and fast paced with loads of aggression built into it while "When the Legends Die" has an enlightened effect to it, which makes it less fast paced and mellower. "Way to Forgotten Lands", takes you to an era of video games this case Zelda meets Final Fantasy if you will setting you up with your inner self while the music slowly wraps itself up concluding into what becomes the "Sworn Under the Winter's Majesty". A solid ground of overlapping beats that keeps the music energy pumped and focused.

Bolero is the tale of wisdom and wit told through the sounds of music.

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