Scream The Dream Are Breakin the RuleZ

Just with a year under their belts Southern Californians Scream The Dream have so far full filled these so called dreams of theirs. By recording, writing, and performing all within a year’s time the band is set to release their EP debut “Dreams To Ashes”. Though they have yet to go out on the road on an “official” tour let alone riding in a touring van or using a trailer to carry all of their equipment the band looks at it a different way. To them music is what keeps them going and it is not something they would ever give up.

Scream The Dream is a hardworking, dedicated, and determined 6 piece set of musicians breaking all of the rules and trends present. They’ve shared the stage with bands such as the Black Veil Brides, Vampires Everywhere!, Get Scared, Modern Day Escape, Jamies Elsewhere, moving quick to create a style they can call their own that will infect your mind and eat out your soul.

1. Can you give our readers a brief history on Scream The Dream with how you came together as a band?

STD:  We started in August 2010 founded by myself, Mio, and Steven. Steven had left his previous band Stick Loves while having a friend named Christian who joined us. Having Corey come in after leaving Annihilate The Throne and Donald came in after leaving IRUNTRAINS!

2. Your debut EP is about to be released. Can you give us a brief on it?

STD:  All of the songs on the EP are just a sample of our style range. From Dreams to Ashes, is our heaviest song while 1:30 AM has more of a poppy tone to it. We wanted to go for a versatile tone but were still very consistent with this EP.

3. Who decided which songs would go onto the EP?

STD:  The whole band had a role in deciding which songs would go onto this CD and which would be recorded it was a collaboration effort.

4. How can Scream The Dream fans get the EP?

STD:  We have them at shows and anyone can feel free to contact us on Facebook and we’ll mail them out. It will soon become available to purchase online.

5. You have yet to be signed to a record label have you had any offers?

STD: We have yet to receive any offers from any labels but we're sure the time will come soon enough if we keep working at it.

6. How were you able to play alongside the Black Veil Brides? Are you a fan of their music?

STD: Though we had to sell quite a few tickets, M Productions has been quite generous with the shows they let us book and they have given us shows we will never forget. Mio and I are both fans of Black Veil Brides' music.

7. What CD's have you been listening to this week?

STD: I personally listen to a lot of Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Escape The Fate, A Smile From The Trenches, but my favorite right now is Get Scared's Cheap Tricks and Theatrics EP.

8. If you weren't a musician what would you be?

STD: I can't even imagine not being a musician. My entire life literally revolves around my music.

9. What's the best and worst thing about being a musician?

STD: The best thing I would say is seeing a crowd full of people just going crazy over songs I wrote. The worst part is definitely the fact that I'm basically in charge of the band. It can get stressful.

10. A young fan comes up to you and tells you your music has moved them and they want to become a musician like you. What advice would you give them?

STD: I'd tell them to always move forward with no hesitation.

11. What's the band's favorite song to play live?

STD: Our favorite song to play live is definitely Marching Mannequin.

12. How about shows is Scream The Dream set to head out on the road or not yet?

STD: For now we are just sticking to southern California, but who knows if the opportunity presents itself we will without a doubt go for it.

13. When it does come to playing shows how does the band go from one show to the next?

STD: We just book shows as they come or pick out ones we like and try and hop on. As far as transportation we usually drive a couple trucks. No van or trailer haha.

14. Does your family support you all being musicians?

STD: All of our families support us. My parents and Mio’s dad are at almost every single show and doing what they can to help us out.

15. Your fans have been asking about merchandise and when will it become available to purchase. So what is the date and where can fans pick up some gear?

STD: We are shooting for May, but it could be sooner, later, you'll just have to stay posted for now.

16. Where do you see Scream The Dream three years from now?

STD: It’s hard to say. We will for sure be touring and hopefully have a few nice endorsements or even a label time will only tell.

17. If you could scream the dream what would it be and why?

STD: We Scream The Dream every time we get up on that stage. We leave it up to each individual person to determine what our songs mean to them.

18. Do you have anything to say to our readers?

STD: We do what we can to give as much as we can to our fans and we would really appreciate if you went and voted for us to play this year’s Van’s Warped Tour in Pomona at

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