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Utah's Get Scared has been together for the past three years. During that time they self-released their debut EP "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics" (2009) this was followed by their first music video 'If She Only Knew Voodoo Like I Do'. In which caused such a buzz it brought notice to Universal Motown Records who signed the band to their roster.

Afterwards the band went on to release a follow-up ‘Self-Titled” EP (2010) and are hard at work at finishing up their debut full-length ‘Best Kind of Mess’, produced and engineered by John Feldmann (Atreyu, The Used, Goldfinger) in-which the band says will be out very soon. If that’s not enough Get Scared has made quite an appearance frenzy as it were, being on Hot Topic’s Sacred Ceremony Tour during the summer of 2010 and now having been a part of The Dead Masquerade Tour alongside Escape The Fate. There is no telling as to where they will end up next. 

Bassist/vocalist Brad Lloyd and guitarist Johnny B took the time while on the second to the last stop of the recent tour to discuss with me the process of their debut album the incident that occurred in Texas and what they get scared of the most.

1. Can you give us a brief insight as to how the band came together?

Johnny: We were all in mutual bands and started playing together and did some shows and started the band from there.

Brad: We all became friends and started playing together, we’d email each other back and forth and it worked out so well and now we’re here.

2. How difficult was it to get inked to a record deal and how long did it take?

Johnny: It was hard and took a long time to seal the deal it took us quite a while.

Brad: Nowadays social networking really helps for this band. We got really lucky before even two years of being a band we had gotten signed and that doesn't happen every day. We've been touring with bands before so we've learned a lot of how to be professional and how things work so it took our whole life to get to this point and learn everything so yeah it all worked out.

3. Where does Get Scared get their inspiration for their songs?

Johnny: Just everyday experiences.

Brad: Music-wise we just play what makes us feel good what mood we’re in when it comes to writing. We like to listen to all kinds of music from Slipknot to Michael Jackson we just go with the flow.

4. Why did you release 2 EPs instead of releasing a full-length album?

Johnny: We’ll our first EP we recorded ourselves. Our next EP is a teaser to our full-length album that’s coming out really soon we don’t have a date for it yet.

5. Your debut album "Best Kind of Mess", has arrived, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Johnny: We’re really excited for it. We’re actually recording the last track for it in the next couple of weeks.

Brad: On this tour we had a day off and a friend of ours from the label asked us to come hang out and we hung out and recoded a song and we’re going to put that on the album and we’re just really excited about it.

6. What about the title of the album, "Best Kind of Mess" what is the story behind that title?

Johnny: We’re all filled with a messy lifestyle, like sometimes we’re not all the way there but we still manage to get things done.

Brad: We’re able to work like that where we’ll come to a show late but still get on to performing on time and it’s those types of messy situations.

7. You worked with your dream producer John Feldmann, now that your dream has come true, what was it like working him? Was he always what you expected him to be? What do you think he's brought to the table for Get Scared?

Johnny: Everything and more. He’s a good person and he taught us all a lot.

Brad: He’s like a second father to us and the coolest person to ever meet. He was like a drill sergeant and told us to write two songs a day and get it done and he was just a great guy to us and helped us out a lot.

8. Today is the second to the last day of this tour how was it overall?

Johnny: I don’t want to talk about that it’s over.

Brad: We’re so bummed that it’s over. It’s been incredible everyone is so nice and the crowd has been amazing it’s just been so awesome.

9. What do you do to kill time while touring?

Johnny: Tour, jam, hang out. I so want to go see a movie right now actually.

Brad: Not much to do out in Utah. We all have PCs so we spend days recording and watch a lot of movies.

10. Craig Mabbit made a guest appearance for the song and video to "Sarcasm" who contact who? Has he been making appearances' during your set?

Johnny: That’s on our first EP too. So we re-released it for our other EP and full-length. We were already friends with Escape The Fate so we wanted Craig to come and do something with us.

Brad: So we asked him to come hang out and it just happened.

11. What do you get scared of and why?

Johnny: Nothing I am never scared of anything. No I’m afraid of spiders.

Brad: I have a pet spider name Gilbert. Alright I am going to get all deep right now but imaging how to be dead and it’s scary to know that you may die one day.

12. Who wants to be the one to tell about the incident that happened in Texas, Nicholas you had gotten beaten up or something?

Johnny: Oh that’s awesome this is the first interviewer to ask us about this. What happened was we were playing out in Texas and the crowd was kind of like whatever. So Nick was getting the crowd all crazy and told them to “come and kick my ass”. So he leapt into the crowd and they pulled on his shirt to the point it was choking him and he blacked out.

Brad: They were punching him in the face and his shoes, clothes, were all bloody it was awesome and we were all stoked. We never got a better response since that show people were coming up to us and telling us “You guys are so awesome” it’s never been better WOO Texas!

13. Nicholas you had mentioned in one of the band's video blogs that you had gotten a tattoo, what tattoo is that? How did you survive getting that done?

Johnny: No No that’d be great but he got a tattoo on his arm the first of many that says “Best Kind of Mess”.

Brad: But no he did not get the tattoo on his face. That’d be awesome but no.

14. What's happening next for you guys?

Johnny: We’re doing a tour in a month or so.

Brad: This whole year we’re going to be everywhere and be very busy. Going to head out east touring with Alesana and then go on a month long break finish recording and writing the album release it and continue to just tour.

15. Do you have any last words?

Johnny: Rock on London and rock on Chicago! Get Scared see ya later!

Brad: I love you everyone that’s been watching us and mom.

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