The Dead Masquerade Tour Escape The Fate’s Deadly Setback

Anaheim, California was welcomed to The Dead Masquerade Tour with Escape The Fate as the headliners and Alesana as the second headliner with Motionless In White, Get Scared, and Drive A as support. This two month trek of a tour began January 20th lasting March 12th and all of the bands a part it were sad to see it go.

Home comers Driver A was welcomed back to California with open arms as the audience cheered with applause, to their stage presents. The punk rock quartet started things off with the four songs enclosed on the band’s brand new EP “The Marked Man”, which got things pumping just a bit but as the set rolled on they managed to break away and settle into their usual material off their debut album "Loss of Desire". Which included such tracks as "Are You Blind", "Can't Sleep It Off", and "Take A Side". The crowd were quite into Drive A’s material as frontman Bruno engaged the crowd into a crowd surfing frenzy as well as a wall of death scenario to conclude their punk rock fresco.


Next up was a set of Utah rockers who were definitely ready to rock! Get Scared who have been to California quite a bit of times before were also welcomed with open arms as the crowd gladly sung along to their material off their two EPs’ "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics" (2009) and recent self-titled EP release. The band opened things up with "Deepest Cut" that had fans singing right with the beat that lead right into "Setting Yourself Up For Sarcasm", "You Are What You Are", "Lock The Doors", and "If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do". In which the crowd sang to each and every word easily claiming Get Scared as their new band to favor.


Post-hardcore Pennsylvanians Motionless in White brought the darkness in with their horror-themed violet lyrics with gothic imagery to their physical appearances, kept the evilness in full bloom. To this day, Motionless in White have released two EPs "The Whorror" (2007) and "When Love Met Destruction" (2009) and one full-length debut entitled "Creatures" released late last year. "Immaculate Misconception" with the opening line of "What the fuck?" got everyone in earshot headbanging to the gothic beat. Frontman Christopher Cerulli or "Chris Motionless" as he’s also known as, asked the crowd if they knew of a movie titled “Twilight” cheers and boos arose from the audience as Chris responded with “Fuck Twilight” leading into "We Only Come Out At Night", the Vampire referenced tune to the cult classic 1987 film “The Lost Boys”. Motionless in White kept the energy up that evening crowd interactions, guitar leads, keyboard melodies with double bass backdrops and drumming adrenaline that ends with them declaring what they are  which goes into saying that “We Are The Children of the Night”.


When it came down to the two headliners of the night only one was really worthy and I wasn’t even permitted to photograph them let alone capture the entire line-up on the stage surface. Max Green bassist/vocalist of Escape The Fate was filled in with Motionless in White’s bassist/vocalist Richard Olson or "Ricky Horror" so their set-up wasn’t even worth sticking around for. Thus this goes into saying that these Las Vegas comrades were all BUT Escape The Fate. 

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