Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal

Germany's "death 'n' roll" act Debauchery have declared that they are "Germany's Next Death Metal" band. This goes without saying that this is also the title of their seventh album to date. So when it comes down to this album it leans back towards their previous release “Rockers & War” (2009). This was a double CD release having the first part include their usual death metal material while the second part included hard rock songs performed to the styling to that of AC/DC thus adding clear vocals than the usual death metal attics.

Now “Germany’s Next Death Metal”, does contain what was on “Rockers & War” (2009) it has the death metal vocals except the music leans more towards that hard rock momentum.  It doesn’t really classify the original death metal angst that death metal is known to create. Debauchery has developed their own version of what they consider death metal to be and has glamorized it. "Bloodslaughter Onslaught", "Death Will Entertain", and "Killing Is Our Culture" seem to possess that old school death metal vibe except still maintains that hard rock essence. The guitars and drums keep a rotating beat that keeps the music fast yet heavy.

Debauchery's style remains unique but it varies when it comes to the musical sense because it keeps doing a back and forth routine of not knowing where to hold its ground making the music mix a bit too much.

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