Jack Ketch’s Hollywood Dreamland

Northerner’s Jack Ketch from California made their first appearance in Hollywood last night. Though it was their first time being there it sure didn't seem like it. The crowd that stood before them greeted with cheers and shouts really digging what these guys were playing. Frontman Nick Bakkie took control doing his method of taking center stage if not bouncing back and forth between the left and right of the stage encouraging the crowd seekers as they eagerly stood in wait. Others just going at it fist first pushing whoever was before them right out of the way, causing an eruption of chaos right in the center of the floor.

Dearly noted that the band’s newest release “Bringers Of The Dawn”, had some tracks that were played while the set consisted of the old and new closing it out to being a night of absolute mosh pit madness everywhere you looked. Jack Ketch had finally made it to Hollywood showcasing their brutalizing talents in their own memorable fashion, leaving their mark in the famous one stop city that everyone has dreamed to set foot upon.

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