Children Of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever

Three years have passed since we last heard from Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom, the Blooddrunk tour had just ended so they had begun recording their new album "Relentless Reckless Forever", their seventh album to date. Alexi Laiho says that "We worked super hard on this album, at least for me it was pretty much no sleep or rest for six weeks," going on to add that "We were determined to make the best COB album ever, so we were willing to do whatever it took. Of course, having our producer Matt Hyde kicking our asses 24/7 definitely made the results even better, so obviously we're more than anxious to get this album out there".

With that said their first single “Was It Worth It?” it's considered the band's "party song" according to Laiho and it's not your typical Bodom sound which makes it that more unique and heavy as hell. "Pussyfoot Miss Suicide", is foretold as a depressive black humor method while "Ugly", is all about venting and screaming your guts right onto the blood splattered floor. The lyrical context used is humorous yet darkens it with an aggressive twist. Keyboardist Janne Warman layer technique is infused with the ferocious drum patterns and Laiho's trademark vocal tactics. Now when it comes to “Shovel Knockout” and "Roundtrip to Hell and Back", these collide with one another each portraying that classic Bodom style sense while adding an additional formula of intensity that builds the music up infusing it with faster riffs that keeps it constantly flowing.

The album full fills all of the band's trademark uses progressive riffs with constant solo structure having it as one of Bodom's better releases falling underneath the lines of "Hatebreeder" and "Follow the Reaper", this goes without saying that you should not “fear the reaper” but welcome him with open arms.

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