Upon A Burning Body – The World Is Ours

"The World Is Ours", is quite familiar to another band's recent works, entitled "This War Is Ours" (Escape The Fate) but unlike that particular title, “The World Is Ours”, takes on a more promising role. It just so happens to be brought on by a five piece act known only as Upon A Burning Body.

With that said, "The World Is Ours", track listing comprises of a very quite theme, one that you'll find quite amusing, the track listing takes on the Al Pacino theme. For instance "Showtime" starts off the album with a collage of audio clips taken from various news broadcasts that all discuss about "the family", which is soon followed by an enormous barrage and breakdown route that has this never-ending effect allowing vocalist Danny Leal to announce a short but brief message, “Welcome to the family”.

Now that you've been invited by the front man, the rest of the team, known as CJ (guitar), Sal (guitar), Reuben (guitar), and Ramon (drums) the round-up of this album consists of the following; "Devil's Advocate", "Scarface", and "Donnie Brasco", among the other Mafia-themed tracks given take each one has a promising guitar lead and riff to follow through with the gang chants and frequent breakdown usage is in lesser terms, nothing but purely "brutal".

“The War Is Ours”, is for the fans that have been embedded by the likes of Lamb of God meets Hatebreed, but brutal yet still unforgettable after just your first listen.

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