Éowyn – Silent Screams

Nashville recording artist Éowyn has an industrial hard rock style with gothic influences to back her up with a theatrical stage presence that will captivate and intrigue you from the inside out. Many find it hard to believe that her name is not only captivating but manages to intrigue the listener’s perspective as a whole blocking out all other meaning to the outside world.

With that said, those who have witnessed her present cannot get an enough while those who have heard her unforgettable presents are left begging for more. But those who have gotten to know her personally see not just a musician on the outside but a person whose heart cries out not just for one's self but wanting to touch the lives of everybody all around the world. As their silent screams for their own life has yet to be touched.

When it comes down to her latest album "Silent Screams", the focus is to encourage the ones who have dealt with the uncanny lifestyle of depression, anger, and loneliness or the insecurities of wanting to just cry out for help. "Silent Screams", was produced by Travis Wyrick who’s worked with such acts as P.O.D., Pillar, and Disciple. This album possesses a style filled with industrial rock layered with vocals of inspiration that are imaginative yet powerful. Éowyn’s writing style is honest filled with an enchanted but hypnotic voice that memorizes its listener by every note sung. With the help of Pillar who were also involved with the writing process as well as contributing to performing on the album itself, front man Rob Beckley adds his own screaming technique to the title track keeping it burst full of energy.

Besides the obviously title track taking the spotlight, each of the other songs ("Crashing", "To My Surprise", "Unfinished Memories",) whilst "Hands Of Time", has this eerie message introduction indicating that "It’s a cruel world but yet again maybe it was meant to be...." this alone makes “Silent Screams”, that more intimidating.

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