Conducting from the Grave – When Legends Become Dust

When word was broken about technical metal act With Passion calling it quits in September 2007, all hope was lost…. or was it? Though With Passion was no longer working together as a whole, their guitarists Jeff Morgan, John Abernathy, and bassist Steven Lovas sure were, because this statement is a false understatement because actually With Passion may be long and gone, but all the original members with an added new vocalist added to their team were still functioning mode with their unfinished project, Conducting from the Grave.

With the release of two demos and an EP to call their own only one thing was left unsaid a debut album but now that can be laid to rest, with the release of “When Legends Become Dust”, all that remained was to discuss am I right? I believe so, so with that said, the album rolls off with “The Calming Effect”, a usage of breakdowns that keeps the momentum sharp and heavy at first glance but soon throws a curving effect with its built up tempo change that makes the listener feel out of whack.

Though this misconception is a fault effect, the remainder of the album has been left unsaid, because throughout all of the album are there segments that are downright beautiful yet dreamy interludes that are played out on this clean yet jazzy influence that so many other bands tend to be so fond of. These little segments show that the band has a reflective side to them as well as making some of these moments being the most memorable.

As for any other tracks that are worthy of a listen, "A Never Ending Search for Closure", "Marching Towards Extinction", "Burdens of a Dying World", and "The Skies Are Blackened, Not by Clouds....But Insects", takes Conducting from the Grave to a higher stance than expected for the usage of guitar riffs with competitive breakdowns may be a bourdon at times, Conducting from the Grave is surly to become the next best thing in the untold world that is metal.

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