White Pulp – Lost Inc.

White Pulp.... was an idea enforced by Sonny the ringleader of industrialists/electro/ new wave achievers White Pulp. On White Pulp's first album "Ashamed of Yourself", you were offered such songs as "Highest Star", "80s", or more industrial tracks like "Black Out" that reminded you of Nine Inch Nails era of work. While the band chose "Black Out", for their first music video, these songs alone were quite aggressive to say the least but at the same time were melancholic just as "Sinking So Deep" was. "Ashamed of Yourself", was the first chapter of these industrialists now the second chapter is about to begin.

Just shortly after the release of their first album, White Pulp went straight to work on writing new material for their follow-up release "Lost Inc." which undoubtedly enough falls between the lines of where "Ashamed of Yourself" had left off. "Malediction", is what brings White Pulp's style to the table its eerie yet catchy opener pieces the music together like an unfinished puzzle, everything scrambled allowing vocalist Sonny to slowly piece it altogether. The music continuing its cycle of texture as this emotional nightmare comes to life. Whilst the title track portrays the essence to that of Marilyn Manson's tone of rhythm, Sonny manages to bring out heavier source of beat keeping the music flowing ever-so softly.

"Full Time Bitch", may sound like it fits your typical lifestyle but it puts everything into perspective, this tune being soft yet heavy unleashes this aggressive source of energy that beats you up from the inside out, while “Death In The Afternoon", "Straight To Your Fucking Head", "Unless You Are Not A Slut", and "S.T.F.U." pretty much repeat the same textures enlisted above, this “Lost Inc.” being your lost resource to the industrial society.

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