Lo-Pro’s Sweet Revenge

Freedom comes in all sorts and sizes but in terms of hard rock it comes with a price the price of revenge. In which the price is illustrated by music when listening to Lo-Pro's highly anticipated sophomore release "The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge”. After the successful release of their self-titled album back in 2003 as well as releasing an EP entitled “Letting Go” back in 2009. The band had to resurrect their skills and abilities from the ground up and in doing so went on a rampage of tours that led them down to unleashing such raw and intense material with such angry influence and such emotion behind it, Lo-Pro feels that revenge has never felt this sweet. Frontman Pete Murrary discusses the bands past, present, and future activities for what is in store for this new case of “sweet revenge”.

1. Please introduce yourself and what you do in the band and then tell us the brief history of your band.

Pete: My name is Pete Murrary and I sing for the rock group Lo-Pro. Lo-Pro has been around for a few years now. We got randomly discovered by Aaron Lewis of Staind years back. He signed us to a record deal with Geffen Records –we supported our first record, had a song called “Sunday” on the radio ultimately parted ways with Geffen , and we’ve taken some time to write a new record but we’re about to release that on June 8.

2. How did the band come up with the name 'Lo Pro'?

Pete: When we got discovered by Aaron Lewis it was early in the process we were barely a band at the time hadn’t played any shows yet. So we were in L.A. and we’d run into friends of ours while out on the town and they’d ask us “What you doing?” And I’d say we’re recording a record. We had no idea that we even were a band so Lo-Pro came from that low profile we had been keeping.

3. The band has a new album out called 'The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge' what are your thoughts on the album?

Pete: It’s been a long time in the making and we’re very proud of it because it’s all us. Not too many hands were involved with creating it. There was a lot of money flying around it was like we lost a lot of control with our product. This record is all us we produced us ourselves we got our friend Angus Cook in Santa Barbra to help us out I would say its unedited I’m very proud of it.

4. Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

Pete: That is a tough one. We actually just squeezed a song on it called “Pushed Aside” so it wouldn’t be on the promo copy. But it’s pretty bad-ass I’m pretty stoked we got it on the record. One of my other personal favorites would be “All I have” and “Letting Go” we had played those when we had done an acoustic tour with Aaron Lewis a few years back. People who may not even had heard of us could really relate to those, I really like those songs a lot it’s really rewarding.

5. Who writes your songs and what inspires you?

Pete: ummm kind of a bulk at the beginning phase of the writing but once the band comes together it formats into a Lo-Pro song. I write all the lyrics this record in particular is basically a diary of the last several years when we had bit of a roller coaster ride with the music industry. We were in a band called Ultraspank kind of had a similar ride. So we’re not the biggest fans of the machine. It’s interesting it started off definitely some angry songs on the record but we manage to get back into the grove of just wanting to write music. There are some angry songs and then ones that deal with personal issues and the rest that deal with our emotions so a little bit of everything.

6. What's your most memorable tour moment?

Pete: (Laughs) how much time do you got? That is really hard to say there’s been a lot. We toured with Stain and Creed last summer. I think from the point of our career it was exciting to be touring on an arena tour it was exciting to play where the San Antonio Spares played. We played the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater out here in California, which is a venue I’ve been going to since I was a kid, I saw the Grateful Dead there years and years ago. The most memorable experience would be in Houston, Texas, on that tour when we broke a world record with the most number of video cameras so that was the highlight of that tour. But I love traveling around I love meeting all the different people I get to meet so every night was a blast for me.

7. What do you do to pass the time on the road?

Pete: (Laughs) there is a hell of a lot to do. You got to be creative with it, you can’t be drinking all the time it’ll ruin your instrument. I got into yodeling so this last tour kept me busy every day. We write music every day we carry a portable recording unit and are constantly writing on a new material working on turning the old material into acoustic material so just keeping busy.

8. Why is it so hard for Lo Pro to find a suitable record label?

Pete: ummm I think our standards are a little too high. But we’ve been through so many times already so we didn’t want to go back to the same old route. So Aaron Lewis connected us with the management company so it didn’t make sense to us to want to go and get involved with a major label. We were just really picky.

9. What does Lo Pro have in store for the future?

Pete: Well… we’ve definitely been focusing on wanting to get the new record out we’re excited about it. Then looking forward to heading out on the road. We got an acoustic DVD that we’d like to release as well as release and work on releasing an acoustic album as well. Just basically continue to release more material because it’s been a while since our last release.

10. Back in 2004 you toured with Three Days Grace and had performed at the Troubadour, how has the band grown since that performance.

Pete: What I remember about that show is that it was an early one I think it started off early. I don’t know how we’ve changed we’ve all grown as musicians and individuals. We were holding onto that Three Days Grace tour and we were a little stressed out a bit too much. On the last tour with Creed and Stained we were more relaxed and at ease. Back in the day on that Three Days Grace tour, we were just too stressed worrying about how the songs were doing on the radio and how the video was doing just so much but now we’re much better.

11. What is your best fan experience?

Pete: The technology is insane right now back in the day we use to get letters from fans. But now there’s things like Twitter and that fries my brain out. It blows my mind to be able to talk to fans from all over the world, we got fans from France, Australia, and South American and all around the United States, that part of it just never gets old for me. It’s very humbling.

12. Do you have anything to say to the fans of Lo Pro?

Pete: I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I’d like to thank them for being so patient. We could tell they’ve been getting eager for some music and that’s fine. I just really appreciate everyone for being so patient and thanks for all the support over the years it’s pretty rad.

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