Ray Taylor – Country Birthday Song Album

Ray Taylor.... a song writer with a fiery passion for music but not just any old music he claims to have been bitten by the snake that feed him the poison that fueled him up with the energy that he now calls his own and what he portrays as country music.

Growing up in the San Francisco area, Ray Taylor was embodied by all of the sights and the sounds that were embedded by this enchanting music. While letting this trance consume him, he did attend to the local concert events that were held at one of the famous hot spots around, the Filmore Auditorium. While he enjoyed all that dealt with music he was particularly trained within the classical music genre later on being bitten by a snake whose venom had changed his love for music taking it to a whole another level with what country had to offer delivering straight from the heart was his entitled efforts “Country Birthday Song Album”.

Now with a title like that you’re probably snatching your head wondering what was he thinking? Well it just so happens that Ray Taylor's passionate efforts were put into songs except these were made with feeling, showcasing the real passion of love and the tales of that "inner" cowboy or cowgirl just waiting to be whipped up. This album goes into saying basically that everybody of course has a birthday so Ray Taylor decided to write a Birthday song to any of those him or hers around, and declare that. his Birthday Song referring to "What Can I Do?" and the title track. With this said, the rest of the album pretty much is quite plain and rather simple to say the least... because it all basically just gets right to the point. Being a round-up of tunes that are the "traditional" country music style that never seem to mess a beat.

“Loving Bev”, along with “Designer Girl”, go hand in hand with one another because both decrypt about the entangled lifestyle of the being in love without a song in the world maintaining that fiery essence and burning sensation that is hidden deep within your very heart and forsaken soul. Ray Taylor is a true blue song writer with an embedded source of skill and talent that will forever see the light of day from now until the end of time.

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