PassCode Brings the Heaviness of Pop to the U.S. for First Time in Ever!

Kawaii metal or "cute metal" has been blowing up as of late. With acts like BabyMetal being a big factor, there have been others as well, including one titled PassCode.

Passcode was formed in 2013 out of Japan, releasing several album's, combining metal, EDM, and JPop, to create a style that is similar to other Japanese acts, but still their own take on these genres.

The metal idol group has embarked on their first U.S. tour in the fall of 2023, hitting Texas, New York, and California. Last stop on said tour would be Los Angeles, California on Thursday September 7th out at The Echo.

The Echo being located not far from Echo Park, had the line already inside, awaiting the band's presents upon the small set up stage. But once the time had come, so had the band, performing around 8PM, they would go on to play for the next hour straight. Going on to do an encore, of course, with the crowd demanding it. The venue was at somewhat capacity only holding around 350 people inside. It didn't feel as crowded as that though.

But regardless, the band played a solid set, performing around 14 songs, a lot of which got the crowd excited, jumping, shouting, fist pumping, to dancing in place, all sorts were thrilled to be in eye shot of this band. It was a fun yet happy going time, that kept everyone in high spirits.


Such songs performed included such as "Groundswell", "Flavor of Blue", "Clouds Across The Moon", "Taking You Out", and "Anything New", as the encore track. It was a good time through and through, lots of fun, and even a mosh pit sprouted out of nowhere that kept the energy ever flowing.

Said energy caused fans to jump up and down to having one another lifting them up to feel the music surrounding all there, while the rest pushed one another about to the bouncy yet heavy music. It felt swell to be in such a small venue, with such a hyper active band like PassCode. Seeing them straight from Japan in such a place was nothing to be forgotten about, but remembered for sure.

All in all though, PassCode brought the good times across the sea to the states, making those in attendance pleased, entertained, and wanting more, and the band said they will be back for more soon!

1. Groundswell
2. Ray
3. Dive Into The Light
4. Ichika Bachika
5. Melody from the Bumbling Clash
6. Flavor of Blue
7. Myth
8. Clouds Across The Moon
9. Seize Approaching Brand New Era
10. Miss Unlimited
11. Ninja Bomber
12. Taking You Out
13. Tonight
14. Anything New

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