Beyond Unbroken Re-releases Debut Album "Running Out of Time" Deluxe Edition

FiXT is proud to announce the exclusive signing of Beyond Unbroken, the Rock / Metalcore project from original co-founding members of Escape The Fate – Monte and Michael Money.  The signing kicks off with a release of the Deluxe Edition of Running Out Of Time and will continue with new music over a multi-album deal over the next several years. Beyond Unbroken may be familiar to  FiXT fans having made an appearance on the FiXT Radium: Nova compilation with their innovative single "With Or Without Me" in 2021.

"The Running Out Of Time Deluxe Edition album also features a remix of "Running Out Of Time" courtesy of labelmate The Anix, along with some additional bonus tracks and a re-mastered version of the title track with updated production.

"I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated fans who've eagerly awaited for what's next from Beyond Unbroken. I'm happy to say that the wait is finally over! It brings me great joy to announce that the band has officially signed with FiXT,

We're thrilled to present the Running Out of Time (Deluxe Edition). This special edition features a new remaster from the title track, accompanied by brand-new instrumentals for your enjoyment.

A big thank you goes out to the incredible team at FiXT. We are genuinely excited about the future ahead for Beyond Unbroken.

Stay tuned this is just the beginning!" - Michael Money, Beyond Unbroken

"This is a group that we’ve been wanting to work with for a long time! When they sent us their newest material we were blown away at the quality. I later came to find out that their new stuff is all self-produced, which is even more impressive. This band has a great variety of genres/styles from track to track. They also have a strong ability to create heavy music, with super memorable hooks. Beyond Unbroken has the potential to be amongst the likes of Bad Omens, Spiritbox, and all your favorite modern Metalcore that you know and love!" - Dave Hansen, FiXT A&R Manager

"FiXT is extremely proud to be working with Beyond Unbroken. This brings a new sound to the FiXT roster as we expand our depth in Rock, Punk, and Metal. The story behind this project and the strife from which it was born as a metamorphosis for Michael and Monte coming from Escape The Fate in a major label deal with Interscope to starting fresh as an independent project is one to behold. They have faced staggering obstacles and emerged as Beyond Unbroken. We can’t wait to see how far they will go in the coming years. " - James Rhodes, FiXT Vice President & Co-Founder

“I first heard Beyond Unbroken in 2020 and we were able to release one of their tracks on the Radium: Nova compilation in 2021. Their music is full of memorable hooks, modern production and great songwriting. With that said you can understand why I’m excited to announce they have officially joined the FiXT family.” - Klayton, FiXT President & Co-Founder

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