AUTOPSY Hack And Slash On New Single "Throatsaw"



After the announcement of their new album ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts’, Autopsy peel back the skin of their new record with a bloodied single, ‘Throatsaw’. The track is whirling dervish of razor sharp riffing and serrated vocals that slice through the mix delivering that signature Autopsy sound.
Regarding the single, Chris Reifert had the following to say:
“For this selection we have decided to cast aside musical acrobatics, high-brow labyrinthian showings off of scales, sweeps and noodlings, lush sonic passages and deep audio journeys rare and untold, egotistical trains of thought and neo-classical wizardry and well…just cut your fuckin’ throat wide open and giggle like cretins while the blood sprays in every direction. Doesn’t that sound like fun, kiddies?”
The single is accompanied by an animated lyric visualizer created by Andrea Mantelli Productions (Facebook / Instagram). WATCH & LISTEN TO “THROATSAW” HERE-

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