Jasmine Cain's Experience with Coffee and Music!

 Bassist extraordinaire Jasmine Cain has released an all new single and it's accompanying album both out now! "Be Brave", comes off her album titled "Seven", say what you will about the title choice, but the whole entirety of this release, has been wrapped around release parties, showcases, and much more, Jasmine Cain has no intention of stopping! Find out all that was said from Jasmine Cain herself, about this content and even details of her own coffee line that is brewing with excellence below!

1. Let's talk about your latest single called "Be Brave", it's said to be about your best friend Paige Logan, why her, does she know?

JC: It was inspired by my best friend and co-writer, Paige Logan. She helped me write this song, so she is well aware of what the song means to me and how it was inspired. I am surrounded by some very strong women in my circle.

2. "Be Brave" comes off your seventh album to date, titled "Seven", so was this title chosen as it's the seventh album or because of the phase of "Lucky 7" or a mix of the two or it has a whole another meaning?

JC: My lucky number is 7, but really the concept for the title of this album is not only because this is my 7th album, but it is also a number of completion as well as the 7th chakra of opening your mind to broaden your thoughts. I took a deeper approach at this record musically and took a chance into a territory I was unfamiliar with. In the end, I feel it paid off. On the 8th day, I rested.

3. Sitting back and looking at you releasing your seventh album this summer, did you ever think that Jasmine Cain would have gotten this far with this career choice as a musician?

JC: Jasmine Cain exists for the sole purpose of creating music. If there was no music career, there would be no Jasmine Cain. I'm always happy about the things I have accomplished. I will always be satisfied with my achievements.

4. For the album's release will be not one, but two album release parties, one of which is dedicated to the fan holiday May the 4th Be With You, with a whole decked out Stars Wars set-up, why go this route with this release?

JC: I wanted to give people in our hometown of Nashville a chance to get their hands on the album before it was released and we were touring. I rarely get to perform in my home base and so we wanted to throw this party just for them.

5. As you are out and about promoting said album, how has the promotional been received, playing shows, media, and what not taken it all in with the good and the bad if any?

JC: There have been a few reviews in advance of the album release and so far, all of them are positive. Most picked up on how different this album was from my previous records and were happy that I grew as a musician without compromising the integrity of the lyrical content.

6. How about after the release of this album, what else do you have lined-up for this year that can be expected?

JC: We will be touring very hard this summer in support of the new album. We have over 150 shows lined up.

 7. Can you disclose the details as to how the idea of having your own java came about and why go with such titles as "Coffin Coffee", "Suicide Blonde Coffee" and the "Whiskey Kiss Coffee”?

JC: We perform quite a few festivals and many times a good cup of coffee isn't possible with the vendors that were set up. Being that coffee is my life blood, I needed to have it with me always. I'm working as the business manager, tour manager, and booking agent by day and rock performer by night. I need coffee. We decided to start our own blends and keep them with us at all time. It really just makes our lives more pleasant out on the road. Nothing screws up my day worse than a shit cup of coffee.

8. Will this trio be the solid and only choices available or will more varieties become available?

JC: We are constantly evolving. There are 3 blends currently, but we are experimenting with a red wine cask and perhaps a chocolate concoction for this winter.

9. So what is it about the drink of coffee, that is so appealing among the music community, to sell within their other merchandise selections?

JC: We have to drink coffee to stay awake. Nobody wants to spend their day in the hangover land of last night's show. I'm pretty sure that's why so many musicians are carrying their own blend of coffee.

10. Would you like to add on anything more?

JC: ]New album "SEVEN" drops NOW. Buy it...it's good. That's all!

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